Conscience & religion
Right-and-wrong designed into us

Related to knowledge

Conscience is coupled with knowledge. The more knowledge we have, the more sensitive the conscience. Complex modern life. No sin if no law or knowledge. No sin if ignorance.

Good and evil

Something becomes obvious as we move beyond science (how does it work?) and begin to study theology (who made it, and why?).
We see that our world is more than just physical phenomenon. In it we find the concept of right and wrong, springing from an intuitive universal sense of good and evil.
This knowledge comes from somewhere outside of nature, and above nature, because nature is violent, survival of the fittest.
We recognize a MORAL LAW, operating by spiritual design as surely as gravity operates by physical design.
For example, if A pushes B off the curb into traffic, B will immediately want to know if A’s action was intentional or accidental. If intentional, there would be something wrong with B’s behavior. Not physically wrong, but morally wrong.
It is not wrong if A pushes B by accident, even though B gets hurt. But it is wrong if A pushes B on purpose, even though B doesn’t get hurt. This kind of right-and-wrong thinking is built right into us.
Not only does our conscience tell us what wrong things NOT to do, but it also tells us what right things TO do.
If we were animals or machines, it would be meaningless to speak of good and evil. We don’t accuse animals for attacking one another or computers for criminal behavior. But for us, good and evil is the major human problem.
Evil is not a quality but rather lack or privation of a quality.
It's like rot, rust and wounds. If you take all the bad out of something, it becomes better. If you take all the good out, nothing is left. For example, if you take all the rot out of a tree, it's a better tree. If you take all the good out, there is no tree.

Free will

Why didn’t God create us as people who are always good? Why does he allow sin?
The answers become apparent as we investigate God’s character. We see that God is love and gives us free will.
There is a necessary linkage and tension between love and free will.
True love can exist only when the object of love has freedom to choose whether or not to return love. Otherwise we would be robots rather than persons, and God could never have fulfillment in his love for us.
The stronger and freer we are, the better we will be when we go right, but the worse we will be when we go wrong. That's a necessary RISK of love and free will, inherent in God’s design plan.

Sin nature

Born with sin nature because have free will

Also born with a good nature.

Fight with each other. Good and evil. Ying and Yang.

Born sinners, but not because Adam apple. Because of conscience and awareness of God.

Put on notice. Need to investigate. God doesn't force.

Bible was right

It's only within the last 60 years that science has acknowledged that the earth has NOT ALWAYS EXISTED but rather had a formless beginning from massive external power, just as the Bible has said all along.

It's highly unlikely that any writer three thousand years ago could know about the big bang without divine revelation from the designer/creator.

Scientific comfirmation increases confidence in the Bible and provides another REASON for Christian faith.

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