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Philosophers throughout the ages have not been able to pose any questions more discerning than these three:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?

We can never rise higher than what we believe. Our beliefs shape our attitudes, motivations and behaviors.
Our existence is essentially empty and meaningless without clear beliefs arising from a careful personal investigation into the meaning and purpose of life.
The BIG THREE: Origin, Purpose, Destiny
Organization of this site
Nearly all questions about God fall into the following three categories, implicit in Genesis 1:1-2 and form the three sections of this website:
  1. ORIGIN. God is the creator. Man can make things, but only God can create (from nothing) the basic building blocks (atoms, electrons, etc) and the governing laws for shaping, combining and using them.
  2. PURPOSE. If the world were only the result of random chance, there is no meaning to life. Purpose and fulfillment come from functioning within a grand plan.
  3. DESTINY. God is outside and above nature – not part of it – and therefore our destiny is not limited to nature.
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