Adam and the Dinosaurs

What the Bible says

about early life on earth

Example questions
Carefully and thoroughly answered in this study
  • What does the Bible say about the Big Bang?
  • Was the earth created in six 24-hour days?
  • When did dinosaurs and hominids live?
  • Were there people and cities on earth before Adam?
  • When and where was the Garden of Eden? Was it perfect?
  • Why do people say Adam was the first sinner (Eve ate first)?
  • Did Adam's sin cause death on earth?
  • Will God lay guilt for Adam's sin on everyone (original sin)?
This study builds foundation
for the entire Bible
• Lesson 1 – Big Bang
• Lesson 2 – Bible creation 'days'
• Lesson 3 – People before Adam
• Lesson 4 – Garden of Eden
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The first four topics are bundled as a Bible study for men titled Adam and the Dinosaurs.